GC Photonics was founded by four partners in Canada in the year of 2009. In the past years, our company has been mainly concentrating our efforts on the development of our own technologies, process and product engineering, all of which are based on previous achievements of the founders. GC Photonics is a young company and the creator of the next generation optical fiber amplifiers.
  • Bi-directional noise suppression technology

    The only commercial product that can be used in Bi-directional amplification, thus lowering the cost to nearly 50%  in the case of EDFA array or line-card.

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  • Passive temperature compensation technology

    The PTDGC (Passive Temperature Dependent Gain Compensator) is a passive component replacing the “EDF heater, insulation box and the control circuit”. Which results in the smallest DWDM EDFA with low power consumption and perfect gain flatness in full temperature range.

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  • All optical gain clamping technology

    Gain compression can be depressed from over 20 dB rang to the level of 1 dB. Performance can be improved to nearly perfect dynamic response character. Dramatically lower the hardware cost,  most likely the only optical amplifier that supports optical burst switching.

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